Róisín’s book


Róisín, the Magical Story of how the very first Flourgirl was made, is the beginning of the Flourgirls series. You can read the books in any order but we love to start with this one.

Join Róisín in her cottage by the sea to hear how it all began.

  • High quality paperback
  • Full colour, glossy laminated cover
  • 32 pages; perfect bound.
  • Size: 210mm x 210mm (8.26 inches x 8.26 inches)


There was magic in the air the night Róisín, the very first of the Flourgirls, was made. She started life in a small cottage near the sea. It was the home of the doll-maker and her husband, who worked in the flour mill.

One night her husband came home with a sack of flour. He said it was too rough to use in the mill so he would use it to feed the chickens, but the doll-maker had another idea.  She gathered some sea water, love and some other special ingredients and set to work. What came next was magical!

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